Who Were Marvel Cinematic Universe Stars' Favorite Superheroes Growing Up?

The countless talented actors in the Marvel Cinematic Universe have almost become the equivalent of Greek gods in our modern society: larger-than-life figures that play a central role in our favorite myths. That makes it easy to forget that beneath all that spandex is a human being - one who, in all likelihood, grew up rooting for superheroic idols of their own.

For some, getting to act in a comic book film is a dream come true - while for others, it’s just another gig. No matter what one’s background is, however, it’s tough to find anyone in the entertainment industry that wasn’t impacted by the superhero genre in one form or another while growing up; comics have become a ubiquitous component of today’s culture. Marvel actors are no different, and some of them retain their affections for their childhood heroes, even after they’ve gone on to become heroes for somebody else.