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Who Will Kill Daenerys On 'Game Of Thrones'?

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After the divisive fifth episode of Game of Thrones Season 8, "The Bells," fans were almost certain that Daenerys Targaryen would perish in the series finale. Foreshadowing had audiences believing that there would be an epic battle for the Iron Throne, but it turned out to be more of a whisper than a bang.

An unsuspecting Mother of Dragons met her end in the arms of her lover/nephew, Jon Snow, after he said she would always be his Queen. Drogon melted the Iron Throne and then took his mother's body away, leaving Westeros without a Queen. In the end, Bran Stark was made king by an oligarchy of lords and ladies and Daenerys - who spent most of her life chasing the throne - never had the opportunity to rule.

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    Arya only had Cersei and the Mountain left on her list of targets, and now that they're both gone, there appears to be a new queen in Arya's sights. 

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    Jon, AKA Aegon Targaryen, is now poised to pursue the Iron Throne after witnessing Daenerys's destruction of King's Landing. Will he be the one to put the "Mad Queen" out of her misery?

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    Tyrion's optimistic heart was broken by Daenerys, and he's likely to be on her hitlist once she learns he released Jaime and betrayed her once again. Tyrion may have to defend his life and carry out the insurrection Varys planned.

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    Sansa likes to play the battlefield from afar, just like Littlefinger and Varys before her. But if push comes to shove, she just might get her hands dirty.

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    Bran has the ability to control animals and humans alike. Will he use Daenerys's child, Drogon, against her - or perhaps warg into Dany's mind directly and cause her to take her own life?

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    If Jon rebels against Daenerys, the forces of the North will no doubt back him, including Arya. As Brienne is sworn to protect the Starks, she will likely join the fight in King's Landing, and thus could deliver the definitive blow agains the "Mad Queen."

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    Ever the rogue, Bronn may seek to end Dany's life if her leadership is a threat to his placement at High Garden. 

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    Samwell already has beef with Daenerys: she executed his father and brother, and she lured his best friend, Jon, away from him. He already stated that he would like to see Jon, AKA Aegon, take the Iron Throne, and he may be the one to personally ensure that occurs.

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    Another strong ally of the North, Gendry could either support Jon's rebellion against Daenerys or pursue the throne himself if Jon once again backs away from leadership.

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    Still ostensibly one of Daenerys's closest advisors, Davos may decide to eliminate his queen to prevent further bloodshed. 

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    It's a long shot, but maybe Daenerys's most loyal soldier will turn on her, especially if she continues to show no pity for innocent lives.

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    Yara reclaimed the Iron Islands in Daenerys's name, but after the Mother of Dragons sacked King's Landing - burning millions of innocent people in the process - her loyalty may no longer be secured. 

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    While Tormund seemingly left fighting behind, he may return to assist his friend, Jon, in battle. He may prove to be just as good at slaying dragons as he is giants.

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    Brienne's right-hand man might very well take out Dany, especially if his liege perishes at the hands of the "Mad Queen."