Who's Going To Be At The Top Of Waystar Royco At The End Of 'Succession' Season 2?

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Vote up the 'Succession' character most likely to be at the helm of Waystar Royco at the end of Season 2.

A dark and absurdly comical take on the contemporary media landscape, HBO's Succession finds a way to turn a familial fight for company control into a something that lands somewhere between Hamlet and Game of Thrones. As characters vie for power, backstabbing, turncoating, and alliance-building along the way, viewers are presented with the question of who will actually take over Waystar Royco when Logan Roy steps down, willingly or otherwise. 

Who will be in charge of the Succession media company at the end of the second season?

  • Logan Roy
    27 votes

    Despite his flagging health, Logan Roy shows no signs of voluntarily loosening the iron hold he has on Waystar Royco. He's crushed multiple coups staged by his children and competitors. The man even came back from a coma to destroy a no-confidence vote organized against him. Logan Roy's not going anywhere. 

  • Siobhan Roy
    21 votes

    In the Season 2 premiere, Logan tells Shiv she will be his successor, but the assurance takes place behind closed doors. Shiv, the only Roy daughter, remained largely out of the race for Waystar control in the first season, but that isn't to say she isn't the woman for the job. Shiv's competent and cutthroat in her work as a political advisor. She'd make an intelligent, agile heir for Logan Roy. 

  • Gerri Killman

    Granted, Gerri's beat is as legal counsel to Waystar's top brass. But Gerri also knows how the Waystar sausage gets made, and she was more than willing to participate in the clandestine conversations that led to the no-confidence vote against Logan. While she's an outside chance, Gerri certainly has the industry know-how - and the dirt on the Roys - to take over the company.

  • Kendall Roy
    24 votes

    Despite his bald attempts to oust his father, Kendall remains the heir apparent to his father at the start of Season 2. He went to business school, worked through Waystar ranks, and in his best moments seems to sincerely want what's best for the company. Given Kendall's standing among certain members of the Waystar board - and Waystar competitors - he retains a strong chance of taking over.