Who Would Star In 'The Mandalorian' In The '90s?

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Vote up the '90s recastings that make you say "This is the way."

The Mandalorian is easily the biggest new show for 2020, and with only one season, it's already garnered the same level of excitement shows like Game of Thrones enjoyed. It's one of those shows that could only come out now that Disney owns Star Wars and has a seemingly bottomless purse to feed the Star Wars fans with content.

Still, it's interesting to imagine what the show might have looked like had it been made in the 1990s. The CGI technology wasn't too bad back then, so it seems like The Mandalorian would have worked as a '90s show. That being said, the real question arises in determining just who would have portrayed the memorable characters in the series. The hottest stars of the 1990s could have easily fit into The Mandalorian, but it's up to you to determine who is best cast to the role. Check out the list below, and vote up any casting choices you think would have made for a spectacular 1990s Mandalorian.