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Who Would Star In 'The Office' If It Was Made In The '90s?

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It’s been years since the finale of The Office, but fans can't get enough of the Scranton, Pennsylvania, branch of Dunder Mifflin, the little paper company that could. It’s hard to imagine anyone but Steve Carrell playing Michael Scott, but what if The Office premiered in the '90s? Who would have played office sweethearts Jim and Pam? And what about Ryan and Kelly? 

A 1990s version of The Office definitely would have been filled with sitcom regulars of the time, and it might have even been situated in the Cheers universe, which means that instead of holding the Dundies at Chili's, the awards ceremony would have happened in Sam Malone's bar. There are so many off-the-wall characters on the show that there is no doubt the most outlandish actors of the '90s would round out the cast. We’ll never see this '90s version of The Office, but it can’t hurt to dream.