Who Would Star In ‘Friends’ If It Were Made Today? 

Jake Black
Updated September 23, 2019 15.4k votes 1.8k voters 21.9k views 15 items

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In the age of streaming and peak television, Friends is one '90s show that everyone still knows and loves. Forget binging prestige dramas and begging your friends to watch that 13-minute sketch show on some obscure network no one's heard of, Friends is something that everyone can agree on, regardless who you are or your Netflix subscription status. It's a show that's as timeless as ever, and since its debut in 1994 the sitcom has always done exactly what its theme song has promised; it's been there for us. 

Facts about Friends are there to curb our hunger while waiting for the a Friends reboot, and over a decade after it ended, we can't help but wonder what a Friends remake cast would look like. Though it is hard to image that anyone could replace the original stars, and no one can yell, "WE WERE ON A BREAK!" better than David Schwimmer, there's still fun to be had from a Friends fantasy casting. 

While you put on your best Thanksgiving pants and ask the Holiday Armadillo for a Friends remake, the cast of Friends if it were made today will be waiting down at Central Perk.