Who Would Star In 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' If It Were Remade Today?

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Vote up the modern actors who should boldly go into a modern version of 'The Next Generation.'

A generation fell in love with the residents of the Starship U.S.S. Enterprise-D. As they explored new worlds and embarked on adventures across the galaxy, they built a fan base. Whether you love hearing him say “Make it so” or you live for the memes, Stewart’s run as Picard has made an indelible dent on pop culture. 

In other words, TNG was a BHD (Big Honking Deal) and its influence continues to ripple through television. So... any chance of a reboot? 

Here, we bring together the actors who might fill in those starched Starfleet uniforms if the show were made today. Who could dramatize Data’s quest for humanity? Who can best capture Worf’s struggle to make peace with his Klingon heritage? Who can best embody Deanna Troi’s chill vibes? Do these actors fit the bill? Who do you want to hear yell, “Shut up, Wesley!?” Cast a vote and be heard. Make it so.