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Who Would Be In Wes Anderson's Version Of The MCU?

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On the surface, the nine films of Wes Anderson's career couldn't be more different than the 22 films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While Anderson's films are the definition of indie, MCU movies are blockbusters in every sense of the word. Anderson's movies are grounded, character-driven pieces that pair committed performances with clever dialogue. Marvel movies are literally out of this world stories about gods, superheroes, and all manner of CGI-crafted costume-clad characters flying around and punching things. It's safe to say that a Wes Anderson movie could never be mistaken for a movie in the MCU, and yet...

Both Anderson films and the MCU movies are filled with quirky quips and feature production designs that are finely tuned down to the smallest detail. Anderson and the MCU both employ visually groundbreaking storytelling techniques and know how to manage a massive cast of characters so that everyone gets their due. The films of Wes Anderson and the films in the MCU are all, plan and simple, well-made entertainment. Considering the roster of actors that appear over and over again in Wes Anderson's films, let's take a look at what would happen if those cinematic worlds collided and who would be cast if Wes Anderson was in charge of the MCU.