Facts About 12 Of Our Favorite '90s 'It' Girls That Are 'Da Bomb'

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For members of a certain generation, movies and television from the 1990s were essential to their adolescence. Flicks like Clueless changed the way they talked and dressed, while TV shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer were must-see every week. Many of these same films and shows remain popular, and some have even developed cult followings. As a result, the stars of these nostalgic gems are well-known to people of all ages.

Some actors during the 1990s were, without a doubt, "It" girls. They seemed to be in everything, crossing between genres on big and small screens. We found some facts about our favorite '90s "It" girls that are, in the parlance of that great decade, "Da Bomb." They left us buggin'. Vote up the ones that do the same for you.