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Fascinating Facts About American History We Just Learned That Made Us Say 'Really?'

September 2, 2020 6.3k votes 933 voters 55.4k views15 items

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There are a few American history facts everyone should know: George Washington didn't have wooden teeth, slavery was abolished in 1865, and the United States will never, ever adopt the metric system. But there are more obscure US history facts that seldom come up in conversation - like the US Air Force planning to nuke the moon in 1958.

From a historical perspective, the USA is still a relatively young nation. Yet you'd be surprised how much of its history you may never have learned before. The following selection of American history trivia was shared by Redditors. Vote up the facts you never knew before!

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    Montana Is The Only US State That Mandates The Preservation Of Native American Culture In Its Constitution

    From a Redditor:

    TIL that Montana is the only US state constitutionally mandated to teach and preserve Native American history and culture.


    [Editor's Note: According to Tribal Nations in Montana: A Handbook for Legislators, "Article X, section 1(2), of the 1972 Montana Constitution recognizes 'the distinct and unique cultural heritage of the American Indians' and commits the state in its educational goals to 'the preservation of their cultural integrity.' Montana is alone among the 50 states in having made an explicit constitutional commitment to its Indian

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    Japan's 1861 Illustrated History Of America Contains Images Of Washington Punching A Tiger And John Adams Slaying A Giant Snake

    From Redditor u/notbobby125:

    TIL that in 1861, Japan had an illustrated history of America that depicted, among other things, John Adams stabbing a giant snake, and George Washington punching a tiger.


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    The Peshtigo Wildfire Was The Most Devastating In US History, And Occurred On The Same Day As The Great Chicago Fire

    From Redditor u/schuldig:

    TIL about the Peshtigo Fire, the deadliest wildfire in US history that killed around 1,200 people. It's almost unknown because the more famous Great Chicago Fire happened on the same day.


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    George Dewey Is The Only Person To Hold The Rank Of Admiral Of The US Navy

    From Redditor u/fbi-please-open-door:

    TIL that the highest-ranked position in the US Navy, titled "Admiral of the Navy," has only been awarded once in US history. The recipient was George Dewey, who earned it after his famous victory at Manila Bay in 1898 during the Spanish-American War.


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