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17 Wardrobe Pieces From Ancient Civilizations That Made Us Say 'Whoa'

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Ancient clothing can truly be iconic - everyone recognizes the striped headdresses of the ancient Egyptians, or the large skirts of the Victorian era. It can also be overlooked as the inspiration for today's fashion trends. Those strappy "gladiator" style sandals aren't only inspired by name, but also by the perceived design of the sandals actually worn in Roman times. These significant design elements of ancient civilizations are extremely memorable and resonate with the people of today in an unbelievable way.

But what about the more mundane pieces of clothing citizens within ancient societies wore? Those pieces appear to be more easily forgotten and mysterious than the staple articles we all know and associate with the times. Shoes, wigs, pants, and so much more seem otherworldly with their simplicity, construction, and design. Vote up the most stylish preserved pieces of clothing from ancient societies!