Behind-The-Scenes Movie Facts We Learned In 2021 That Made Us Say 'Whoa'

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If you love movies enough, you might eventually develop an interest in how they get made. It's bracing to realize that the shimmering images we see on movie screens and on our TVs – that, if distributed widely enough, can become like collective dreams for a whole civilization – began as a bunch of highly paid actors doing silly things in front of a camera. Questions emerge: how did this or that actor get chosen for a key role? How was a seemingly "impossible" shot or special effect achieved? How did the actors feel about doing the movie, and how were their lives changed afterward?

Sometimes the behind-the-scenes stories from movies can be more affecting than the movies themselves, because they involve actual people and have the spontaneity and randomness that we associate with real life. In that spirit, here's a grab bag of the best behind-the-scenes movie facts we learned in 2021. Make sure to vote up your favorites!