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Facts About Clark Gable We Just Learned That Made Us Say 'Really?'

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William Clark Gable was oft referred to as the 'King of Hollywood.' His charisma, good looks, and superb acting skills quickly allowed him to rise to fame and become an international film star. From the 1930s to the 1960s, Gable was a sought-after actor who worked alongside some of the greatest actors and actresses of this time. During his expansive 37-year long career, he achieved many great feats. He starred in more than 60 motion pictures and even won an Academy Award. Besides his impressive career, he influenced many lives, and because of this, there are many facts about Gable that many don’t know. This list will look at a few Gable facts to shine a light on this enigmatic actor’s life.

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    His Name Was A Source Of Inspiration For Superman’s Secret Identity

    Superman is one of the most well-recognized superheroes in cinematic history. Ever since the first comic was released, people have been drawn to the story of Clark Kent. However, did you know that Clark Kent’s name originated from the love the creators’ Jerry Siegal and Joe Shuster had for movies?

    Superman’s secret identity combines two famous Hollywood actors' names from which the creators drew their inspiration. Clark Gable and Kent Taylor’s names were combined to create the identity known to the world as Clark Kent, and without Gable and Taylor, Superman may have looked quite different.

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    He Had To Train His Voice To Sound Less Feminine

    Voice training for actors isn’t a new phenomenon and has been going on for decades in the movie industry. But most might not realize that the deep baritone of Gable was thanks to extensive voice training sessions. Gable didn't train his voice to hide an accent, rather his natural voice was quite high-pitched, with some even claiming his voice was feminine. It’s likely hard to picture Gable with a feminine voice when he always had an incredibly masculine persona in all of his works. According to musical coaches, Gable managed to lower the pitch of his voice with body control, better posture, and years of breathing training.

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    He Joined Military Service At Age 40 As A Photographer And Aerial Gunner During WWII

    At the age of 40, Gable decided to make a monumental decision and join the United States war efforts as a photographer and aerial gunner in WWII. Two key life events influenced his decision to fight for his country. The first event awakened his patriotism when he learned of the Pearl Harbor attack that transpired on the 7th of December 1941.

    The second event that influenced his decision left him devastated. His wife Carole Lombard was killed when her DC-3 airliner went down in 1942. Arguably this event was the deciding factor that caused him to take up arms. Lombard was on her way back from a war bonds tour. She and Gable were raising money for the war, but after her death, he did not feel this was enough, and despite objections from President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Gable decided to join the military.

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    He Wore Full Dentures By Age 32

    Famous Hollywood actor Gable’s iconic smile wasn’t as natural as it appeared. And unlike many celebrities in Hollywood over the years, while his smile was doctored, it's still surprising how he got his signature smile. The truth is Gable’s brilliant smile was because of a full set of dentures he had to get. At the age of 32, Gable developed a serious gum infection that led to him having to get almost all his teeth removed. A talented dentist fashioned a set of dentures for the actor and is behind his winning smile.

    This oral disease also allegedly made his breath smell disgusting, and Vivien Leigh dreaded kissing scenes with Gable during the filming of Gone with the Wind.

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