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Facts About The Culkin Family We Just Learned That Made Us Say 'Really?'

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If you've seen - or even heard of - the Christmas classic film Home Alone, you know the name Macaulay Culkin. He was a bratty, spunky 10-year-old when he took over the Hollywood spotlight in the early 1990s. Macaulay isn't the only famous Culkin kid, either. In fact, the Culkin brothers (Macaulay, Kieran, and Rory) have won the hearts of many fans over the last few decades with their many roles on screen. But, as with most Hollywood famed families, there's a lot more beneath the surface we didn't know about these kids while they were reaching stardom.

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    Macaulay Culkin Was The First Child Actor To Earn $1 Million For A Single Role

    Shortly after Home Alone's astounding success, Macaulay Culkin was offered a role in the 1991 film My Girl as the kid who's essentially allergic to everything. The film was wildly popular, and for a kid who had previously stunned audiences with his likeability, it's no wonder his pay when up substantially from what he received for Home Alone.

    In fact, his million-dollar payout for the role made Macaulay the first child actor to ever make a million or more dollars for starring in a single film. 

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    Dakota Culkin Tragically Passed After Being Hit By A Car

    Dakota Culkin, the second of the seven Culkin children, was mostly unknown due to her siblings' - primarily her younger brother Macaulay's - success. As the only Culkin child to never act, it's no wonder she found herself living in their shadows. 

    In December of 2008, she was struck by a car in Los Angeles, resulting in severe head trauma. The driver of the car apparently stopped his vehicle after the collision and tried to render aid to save her life until EMTs arrived. It was determined that there was no foul play involved in the incident. She passed away in the hospital shortly thereafter. 

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  • Photo: Saturday Night Live / NBC

    Macaulay Culkin found himself in the center of the Hollywood spotlight in the early 1990s after the extreme success of his first film Home Alone. After the movie broke box office records, everyone seemed to want a piece of the young actor including the New York comedy sketch show Saturday Night Live. At just 11 years old, Culkin took the stage in the live show at the end of 1991. And apparently he did his monologue and all of his skits without cue cards

    Regardless of his impressive performance, Macaulay was not the youngest host of the famed comedy show. In 1982, Drew Barrymore took the SNL stage at just 7 years old. She rose to fame after her role in E.T. and would go on to host the show multiple other times, but has yet to be dethroned as the youngest person to host.

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    When Patricia And Kit Split Up, Their Custody Battle Was Ultimately Over Managerial Control

    In the late 1990s, Kit and Patricia decided to separate, which led to a nasty battle over the children. Many people have speculated over time that the fight was actually not over the kids at all but instead over the Culkin fortune they'd amassed since Macaulay's breakthrough role in Home Alone. While there may be at least some truth to that case, other statements suggest other motivations were the force behind the battle. Kieran Culkin revealed in an interview that the custody struggle wasn't actually about the money at all, but it wasn't about the kids, either. Instead, he claimed that Kit sought sole control over the kids' careers: "He was OK with losing custody, if he could still be our manager."

    Prior to the separation, it's recorded that the two parent managers split a 15% commission from their children's success, but the two lawyers took different approaches in court. While Patricia's lawyer stated the issue was solely over custody of the kids, Kit's said the two motivations were inextricably tied together. 

    Just as trial was set to begin, however, Kit conceded custody to his previous partner and has since severed ties with all of his children.

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