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Fascinating Facts About Dinosaurs We Just Learned That Made Us Say 'Really?'

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People can disagree on almost any topic - which form of music is the best, whose brand of politics is correct, even how to boil water - but most of us can agree on one, solid fact: dinosaurs are cool. In its 4.5 billion-year lifetime, the planet's most objectively metal era was the Mesozoic Era, the 179-million-year period when dinosaurs ruled the Earth.

Reddit users most definitely agree, and they've shared several cool dinosaur facts over the years - many of which may surprise you. Did you know pterodactyls weren't dinosaurs, that dino remains have been found trapped in amber, or that you can keep any fossils you find in your own backyard (if you live in the USA)? There's plenty more interesting facts about dinosaurs below, so vote up the ones you never knew before!

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    'Dreadnoughtus,' One Of The Largest Dinosaurs To Ever Exist, Weighed Nearly 60 Metric Tons

    From Redditor u/0h_myg0ssh:

    TIL of Dreadnoughtus, one of the largest dinosaurs that ever existed. The fossil skeleton of the individual was 85 feet, but was not even a fully grown adult - and it was expected to grow even larger!


    [Editor's Note: Sixty metric tons is equivalent to 132,277 pounds. What's really exciting is that scientists discovered about 70% of Dreadnoughtus schrani's "key" skeleton, providing much more physical evidence of this dinosaur than others of its size.]

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    Large Dinosaurs May Have Had Air Sacs Inside Their Bodies That Decreased Their Overall Weight

    From Redditor u/MrJoestar42069:

    TIL the reason some dinosaurs were able to get so large was that they had "air sacs" in and around their bones, which prevented them from being crushed under their own weight and allowed them to grow to enormous sizes. 


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    During The Age Of The Dinosaurs, Volcanoes May Have Been Erupting On The Moon

    From Redditor u/alf_shearing:

    TIL when the dinosaurs were alive, there were erupting volcanoes on the moon.


    [Editor's Note: The Los Angeles Times' Amina Khan writes, "The large dark patches on the lunar surface that give shape to the moon’s 'face' are called maria, and they’re thought to be the remains of volcanic activity on the moon that started 3.5 billion years ago. [...] The researchers found that scores of these features were less than 100 million years old – which would put them in range of the Cretaceous period on Earth, which was the dinosaurs’ heyday. [...] That means there could have been regular volcanic activity all around the moon in very recent times – not like the dramatic volcanism that produced the enormous maria, but still significant and widespread."]

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    The Formal Naming System For Dinosaurs Can Be Traced Back To One Ridiculously-Named Fossil

    From Redditor u/geekteam6:

    TIL the naming system for unearthed dinosaur fossils didn't start until 1758. The first named bone was called Scrotum humanum - because it was originally believed to be the [testicles] of an ancient, giant man.


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