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Fascinating Facts About Dinosaurs We Just Learned That Made Us Say 'Really?'

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People can disagree on almost any topic - which form of music is the best, whose brand of politics is correct, even how to boil water - but most of us can agree on one, solid fact: dinosaurs are cool. In its 4.5 billion-year lifetime, the planet's most objectively metal era was the Mesozoic Era, the 179-million-year period when dinosaurs ruled the Earth.

Reddit users most definitely agree, and they've shared several cool dinosaur facts over the years - many of which may surprise you. Did you know pterodactyls weren't dinosaurs, that dino remains have been found trapped in amber, or that you can keep any fossils you find in your own backyard (if you live in the USA)? There's plenty more interesting facts about dinosaurs below, so vote up the ones you never knew before!

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    If You Find Dinosaur Bones On Land You Own In The USA, Those Bones Belong To You

    From Redditor u/mexicio:

    TIL in America, if you find a dinosaur in your backyard, that is now your dinosaur.


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    700 Species Of Dinosaurs Have Been Discovered

    From Redditor u/WSchultz:

    TIL that even though they existed for about 165 million years, only about 700 species of dinosaur have been discovered to date.


    [Editor's Note: According to the United States Geological Survey, "Approximately 700 species [of dinosaur] have been named. However, a recent scientific review suggests that only about half of these are based on fairly complete specimens that can be shown to be unique and separate species. These species are placed in about 300 valid dinosaur genera... Recent estimates suggest that about 700 to 900 more dinosaur genera may remain to be discovered.]

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    Brontosaurus Was First Classified As Its Own Genus, Then A Species Of Apatosaurus, And Is Now A Separate Genus Again

    From Redditor u/marmorset:

    TIL that the Brontosaurus was [initially established as its own genus in 1879], then considered a species of Apatosaurus, a previously discovered dinosaur, and it should have had that name. Now it's been discovered that they actually are two separate animals, and the Brontosaurus exists again.


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    A Dinosaur 'Mummy' Was Discovered With Its Skin And Stomach Contents Intact

    From Redditor u/looser_name_connor:

    TIL of the "Dinosaur Mummy," Borealopelta, whose remains were discovered with the protective armor, skin, and partial stomach intact. It's been so well preserved that scientists deemed it closer to a mummy than a fossil.


    [Editor's Note: The Archaeology News Network has some great photos of the dino.]

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