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Facts We Just Learned About Egyptian Royalty That Made Us Say 'Really?'

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For being one of the most popular periods of time to look back on, there is still a lot to learn about ancient Egypt and people who lived in it. Archaeologists are still uncovering new things and studying objects found decades ago to unveil new information. Even with some of the most famous pharaohs, there's much we never knew until now.

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    Rameses II Was A Redhead

    From Redditor u/Tuhawaiki:

    TIL that Rameses II, the most prolific tomb builder and longest reigning pharaoh of ancient Egypt, was a redhead.

    Context: In traditional mummification processes, natron was used and can be likely attributed to color changes in hair that remains attached to the skulls of mummies. However, Rameses II has been tested and is believed to have been naturally mummified, therefore leaving out the possibility of color altering by natron. Thus, he is concluded to have naturally fair, reddish hair.

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    A Young Boy Was Traded And Then Rose Through The Ranks To Get Revenge

    From a former Redditor:

    TIL that a baby prince from Khawarizam (Persia) was sold as a slave after the Mongols invaded their land and killed his family. He arrived in Egypt and rose among the ranks until he became king. He then lead the army and served the Mongols their biggest defeat in history.

    Context: Saif ad-Din Qutuz, known simpler as Qutux, was young when he was sold into slavery by the Mongols. It isn't verified that he was born into royalty, however. Regardless, once he was traded multiple times, he was trained to be a warrior. He then rose in the ranks to advisor to the sultan, even investigating his sudden death and appointing a new sultan. When the Mongols were closing in, he appointed himself to the throne to defend his people against those who had captured and enslaved him as a child.

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    King Tut Was Mummified While Aroused

    From Redditor u/wkvdz:

    TIL King Tutankhamun was mummified with an erection. It broke off soon after his discovery.

    Context: King Tut was indeed found mummified with an erection. This is thought to represent the young king's defiance of his father's religious beliefs. However, it was broken off shortly after discovery, and he is likely the only mummy ever found in this condition.

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    King Tut Had A Dagger Made From A Meteorite

    From Redditor u/densernut:

    TIL that King Tutankhamun (14th Century BCE Pharaoh) was entombed with a dagger of "extraterrestrial origin." Advanced spectrometry tests strongly suggest the iron, nickel, and cobalt contained in the blade are from a meteorite that crashed near the Kharga Oasis about 200 km west of the Nile.

    Context: Inside the young pharaoh's tomb was an iron dagger. This was perplexing because iron was rare during the Bronze Age. More recent studies show the properties of the "extraterrestrial blade" were in fact consistent with the composition of a meteor.