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Facts About Elijah Wood We Just Learned That Made Us Say 'Really?'

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If you’re an avid fan of the “Lord of the Rings” franchise, it’s likely that you know who Elijah Wood is. His role as Frodo Baggins gained Wood many fans and much success in the film industry. However, there is more to Wood than meets the eye. Although the role of Frodo is memorable, Wood has done many things in his lifetime thus far to keep him relevant in the public eye. From voicing animated shows and participating in daredevil activities to having an acute passion and talent for music, Wood is an interesting person both on-screen and off. Should you like to learn some exciting facts about Elijah Wood, have a look at this entertaining list.

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    Elijah Became The First Person To Cross Victoria Falls By Rope As An Adrenaline Challenge

    When you think of Elijah Wood, you might not immediately identify him as someone who participates in adrenaline-piquing activities. His oft quiet persona and inspiring charm don’t necessarily correlate to someone who will adventurously cross the well-known natural wonder, Victoria Falls.

    Astonishingly Wood was, in fact, the first person to cross Victoria Falls in 2008 by rope. Wood embarked on the thrilling journey in Zambia, Africa, as part of an adrenaline challenge on jack Osbourne’s television show “Jack Osbourne: Adrenaline Junike.”

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    His Family Gave Up Their Deli In Iowa To Catapult His Career

    Elijah Wood was born in Ceder Rapids, Iowa, and spent much of his early childhood there until his mother noticed he had a talent for acting. Wood’s parents owned two delis in Iowa, but after much consideration, they ultimately decided to close it in 1989.

    Their decision didn’t come easily, but they truly believed in their son’s talent. With the deli closed, they moved to Los Angeles and focused on Wood’s acting career. This decision paid off as it led to Wood starring in several roles as a child actor, where he gained much success.

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    He, Along With Eight Of His Fellow LOTR Cast Mates, Got Matching Tattoos

    The Lord of the Rings cast all became incredibly close while filming the many movies. After the last movie was filmed, the cast decided to do something extraordinary to remember their time on set alongside one another. Eight of the cast and one of the stunt doubles decided to get matching tattoos to commemorate their time together. The cast members to get the tattoo are Ian McKellen, Orlando Bloom, Sean Beam, Dominic Monaghan, Viggo Mortensen, Elijah Wood, Sean Astin, and Billy Boyd.

    Collectively they decided to get the number nine tattooed on each of them, with Elijah Wood choosing to get his tattooed on his hip. Interestingly the nine was tattooed in the Elvish Tengwar script famously developed by J.R.R Tolkien. 

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  • Photo: Back to the Future Part II / Universal Pictures

    His First Film Debut Was In ‘Back To The Future II’

    The first film role Elijah Wood ever had was in the much-loved classic movie “Back to the Future” in 1989. Wood’s role in the movie was minor as he played the “Video Game Boy” who impressively one-upped McFly on classic games when they crossed paths at an arcade.

    Although the part he played was minor, he made enough of a lasting impression to land him more significant roles in many notable movies as his career progressed. By the tender age of 9, Wood was a critically acclaimed child actor and was nominated for multiple young artist awards.

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