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Historical Artifacts That Were Actually Found By Regular People

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History doesn't only exist in museums. Oftentimes, the most fascinating historical artifacts are discovered in the most ordinary of places - hidden under a thin layer of dirt or squirreled away in an attic collecting dust. 

To many amateur historians' delight, there are several pages on Reddit devoted to sharing these unique finds. The following is a selection of some of the coolest historic items discovered by regular people. Vote up the ones that stimulate your curiosity.

  • Photo: u/follysurfer / Reddit

    A Collection Of Various Currencies From The Years 1621 Through The 1900s

    In 2020, Reddit user u/follysurfer posted this image, along with the following information:

    I run down an old dirt road. Trash is dumped there. One day I stopped and found a box of money. All the envelopes are from different countries all over the world, mostly dated from the 1700s to 1900s. The oldest is a coin from 1621. I’ve got some from countries that no longer exist. I’m still researching. 

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  • Photo: _AEthelwulf_ / Reddit

    A Voting Ticket From The Civil War Era

    Reddit user u/_AEthelwulf_ writes that this ticket was being used as a bookmark in the pictured volume of Shakespeare.

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  • Photo: u/ovrzlus / Reddit

    A Soldier's Discharge Letter From The US Civil War

    Redditor u/ovrzlus claims this letter belonged to the brother of their great-great-grandfather.

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  • Photo: u/ringsofbravo / Reddit

    Letter From Navy Serviceman Derward B. Rhodes After Surviving Pearl Harbor

    This template letter was shared by Reddit user u/ringsofbravo in early 2021. The serviceman, Derward B. Rhodes, was allegedly the great-uncle of the user's mother.

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