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Facts About Geena Davis We Just Learned That Made Us Say 'Really?'

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Geena Davis has been a Hollywood icon for decades in the film industry. However, not many know she is much more than just a pretty face. Many facts about Davis are not common knowledge. When we took a look into her career, we discovered that not only is she an extraordinary actress; she is also an avid advocate for gender equality in the film industry.

This is just one of the tidbits we learned about this longtime celebrity. If you are interested in learning a few more fascinating facts about Davis, have a look at the ones we found that left us pleasantly surprised and thirsting for more.

  • Photo: A League Of Their Own / Columbia Pictures

    Her Audition For ‘A League Of Their Own’ Consisted Of Throwing A Baseball - That’s It

    In Hollywood, many strange auditions have taken place. Usually, they require careful planning, effort, and memorization of important lines. A good audition where a hopeful performer executes their lines perfectly usually results in consideration for the role.

    For Davis, this was not the case, as her audition for A League of Their Own didn’t involve any lines. In fact, the talented actress only needed to prove to director Penny Marshall that she could throw a baseball. Davis reportedly went to Marshall’s backyard and threw a ball at her. After noting she was capable, Marshall reportedly signaled the end of the audition, and Davis got the role of Dottie Hinson.

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  • Photo: Geena Davis Archery Tricks / Funny or Die

    She Almost Made The US Archery Team For The 2000 Summer Olympics

    Most people know Davis as a talented actress with musical abilities to boot. However, not many are aware that Davis is also a talented sportswoman.

    According to accounts, Davis never knew she would be successful in sports, as most of her career focused on acting. She was even once quoted as stating, “I never thought of myself as athletic, but I was actually good at everything.” She proved just how athletically inclined she was when she took up archery at the age of 41.

    Davis remarked that after watching the 1996 Summer Olympics, she became fascinated with archery, and this fascination led to her seeking out a coach and training grueling hours six days a week. After only two years of learning the sport and practicing religiously, she became proficient enough to compete for a coveted spot on the US archery team set to compete at the 2000 Summer Olympics.

    Although she never made the team, she did place 24th overall, an incredible feat considering she had only been participating in the sport for less than three years.

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  • Photo: Beetlejuice / Warner Bros. Pictures

    She Was The First ‘Beetlejuice’ Cast Member To Sign On Because Everyone Else Said No Initially

    Beetlejuice is a classic film that gained much acclaim after its release despite the hesitancy it faced due to the weird script and premise. Although the film might not have aged well, the theme and acting still manage to keep it present in the minds and hearts of fans. The movie’s quirky script and overall theme made it difficult for directors to cast actors, as most initially said no.

    Unlike her indecisive co-stars, Davis was the first cast member to sign on, as she immediately decided Beetlejuice was a movie she would be interested in being part of. It took some time, but other cast members ultimately decided to join, and it was a fortunate choice, as the movie was a big success and even won an Academy Award.

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    She’s A Member Of Mensa And Is Considered In The Top 2% Of The Population In Terms Of Intelligence

    In 1946, Mensa International was founded for the most intelligent people on the planet. Interestingly, anyone can be a member as long as they score in the top 2% of the world’s population for intelligence. A host of celebrities are members of this elite club.

    With an estimated IQ of 140, Davis is one of the fortunate few to become a Mensa member. However, she has admitted that she's never gone to any Mensa meetings.

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