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Interesting Details From Our Favorite Horror Movies That Made Us Say, 'Whoa'

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Films are filled to the brim with fun little facts and tasty tidbits that true movie aficionados always seem to enjoy. From interesting info about the actors or key props to little details regarding the filmmaking process, these finer points add an extra layer of awesome to any favorite film.

In horror films, this can include the inside scoop on creature creation, imaginative uses for CGI, or hidden horrors in the background. With that in mind, here are a few delightful details from favorite scary movies.

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    Posted by Redditor u/kungfooweetie:

    That the radiologist in The Exorcist was an actual real-life serial killer.

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    Posted by Redditor u/2RoamRome:

    During the filming of Poltergeist (1982), the clown doll nearly really killed Robbie due to an animatronic error where the clown's arm constricted too tightly around his neck. When the actor started screaming and protesting he couldn't breath[e], Spielberg thought he was acting.

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    It: Chapter Two

    Posted by Redditor u/RobertPaulsen39:

    Towards the middle of IT: Chapter Two, Mike picks up the scrapbook and remembers the fire that killed his parents. The fire in the picture spells "IT."

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      Posted by Redditor u/MRB1007:

      Willem Dafoe had to use a body double for his nude scene in Antichrist because Lars von Trier found him to be “confusingly large.”

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