Small But Interesting Details From Our Favorite Horror Movies That Made Us Say, 'Whoa'

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Films are filled to the brim with fun little facts and tasty tidbits that true movie aficionados always seem to enjoy. In horror films, this can include the inside scoop on creature creation, imaginative uses for CGI, hidden horrors in the background, or the filmmaking process itself. With that in mind, here are a few delightful details from favorite scary movies.


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    Posted by Redditor u/nedelbach:

    Carrie (1976) - Brian De Palma based Carrie's posture and walk at the end of the film after Gustave Moreau's 1851 painting "The Study of Lady Macbeth."

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  • Posted by Redditor u/StatusLoquat8:

    In Little Shop of Horrors (1986) for the scenes with large Audrey II to make them smoother the scenes had to be filmed in slow motion (12 frame per second instead of 24). This meant the actors had to act and lip sync in slow motion and the scenes were then sped up in post production.

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  • Posted by Redditor u/stealthynotion:

    In A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984), the effect of blood rushing to the ceiling during Glen's (Johnny Depp) demise was achieved using an upside down set. It was actually spilling onto the floor. Director Wes Craven and DP Jacques Haitkin captured the scene strapped to the wall in race car seats.

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    Posted by Redditor u/LiteralAMHC:

    Get Out (2016): In the scene where Rose stops a cop from seeing Chris’s ID, she is not doing it to stop Chris from being racially profiled, she just doesn’t want the cop to remember Chris’s name if he goes missing.

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