9 Ice Mummies That Made Us Say 'Whoa'

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The common conception of mummies involves a meticulous process of preservation in order to cease decomposition, with the organs and skin removed, or treated with salt and spices. Once that part of the process is complete, many times the body is wrapped in carefully treated linen or bandages and placed in a sarcophagus. But, mummies aren't always intricately wrapped and cared for after their expiration. In fact, many bodies are naturally mummified by the elements. 

Ancient civilizations, like the Incas, even used to sacrifice people to the gods by sending them to the tops of mountains to freeze to death - creating ice mummies. The icy conditions are able to preserve the bodies - almost perfectly for some of the most famous ice mummies like the Llullaillaco mummies. Bodies can be preserved in cold conditions without being sacrificed as well. 

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