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Facts We Just Learned About King Tut That Made Us Say 'Whoa'

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King Tut - or Tutankhamun - is one of the most famous mummies and ancient Egyptian pharaohs of today. But in reality, much of his health and life has been shrouded in mystery. When his tomb was found in 1922, a lot was unknown about this seemingly lavish ruler. Over the years, there have been many speculations made about what life was like for Tut, including his dress based on findings within his burial site. 

In recent years DNA testing has been conducted and we now know more than ever about his genetics, cause of demise, and life. That by no means states that all of this information is common knowledge. In actuality, people are constantly learning Tutankhamun facts - and his life is more bizarre and tragic than most would imagine.

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    He Had A Dagger Made From A Meteor

    From Redditor u/densernut:

    TIL that King Tutankhamun (14th Century BC Pharaoh) was entombed with a dagger of "extraterrestrial origin." Advanced spectrometry tests strongly suggest the iron, nickel, and cobalt contained in the blade are from a meteorite that crashed near the Kharga Oasis about 200 km west of the Nile.

    Context: Inside the young pharaoh's tomb was an iron dagger. This was perplexing because iron was rare during the Bronze Age. More recent studies show the properties of the "extraterrestrial blade" were in fact consistent with the composition of a meteor.

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    The Oldest Known Genetic Proof Of Malaria Was Found In His Remains

    From Redditor u/Sad_Communication:

    TIL Tutankhamun's mummified body contains the oldest known genetic proof of the existence of malaria.

    Context: For years, it was believed that the pharaoh's demise was nefarious, however, with advanced research, it's more likely that he passed from a malarial infection. Researchers stated that "this is the oldest genetic proof of malaria in precisely dated mummies," which doesn't state that he is in fact the oldest case. Nonetheless, in bodies that can be definitively dated, King Tut is in fact the oldest case of malaria found thus far.

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    His Innermost Coffin Was Solid Gold

    From Redditor u/waipugeraghty:

    TIL That King Tut's innermost coffin, (there were three) was made out of 110 kilos of solid gold and the scrap metal value alone is well over 5 million dollars.

    Context: While the absolute value of the smallest coffin is unknown, it was, in fact, made of solid gold. This is the coffin in which his body and famous death mask were kept.

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    50% Of Men In Egypt Have DNA Similar To King Tut's

    From Redditor u/AggiePetroleum:

    TIL Half of European men share King Tut's DNA

    Context: New genetic testing has been done on the famous mummy, illustrating that he is part of the haplogroup R1b1a2 profile group. This particular pool of people includes more than 50% of the men in Western Europe. This means that all of those people technically share an ancestor - even older than King Tut himself.

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