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Facts We Just Learned About Mel Blanc, The Voice Of The 'Looney Tunes'

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Mel Blanc was nicknamed "The Man Of 1,000 Voices" and that moniker was not far off. The man thought of as America's greatest voice-over artist created hundreds of unique voices for radio, TV, movies, and some of the most beloved cartoon characters of all time. Blanc is perhaps best known for his work with Warner Bros. on their Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies cartoons.

In 1937, he voiced a drunken bull, and in a few years he would provide the voice of 90% of Warner Bros. cartoon characters, including Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, Tweety (AKA Tweety Pie or Tweety Bird), Sylvester, Foghorn Leghorn, and the Road Runner. 

Most of us know Blanc's voice. We grew up hearing him or hearing the artists inspired by him. But Blanc's life was filled with amazing moments, just like the stories he lent his voice to. These are a few of the most interesting facts we learned about the man who was Bugs Bunny.

  • Photo: What's Up Doc? / Warner Bros.

    His First Words When Coming Out Of A Coma Were, 'Yeah, What’s Up Doc?'

    In January of 1961, the 52-year-old Blanc was involved in a serious car crash, a head-on collision that left him in a coma for several weeks. Blanc's son, Noel, has gone on record describing the ordeal.

    The doctors observed his father for signs of life, speaking to him with no response. Eventually, after seeing Looney Tunes playing on the TV, they switched to another tactic.

    "[The doctor] finally says, 'Bugs, can you hear me?'" Noel recalls. To which Mel in character responded, "Yeah, what’s up doc?”

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  • Photo: Robert A. Estremo / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 2.5

    He Has The 'Looney Tunes' Signature Closing Line On His Tombstone

    The Looney Tunes signature closing sequence has almost always featured the signature line, "That's all folks!" It was first uttered by the early character Bosko, and later, more famously by Porky Pig. Blanc voiced Porky during the character's heyday, making the line a fitting tribute and appropriate send-off. Blanc is laid to rest at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Los Angeles.

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  • Photo: RSVBibleReader52738 / Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY-SA 4.0

    Mel Called In To The Game Show 'Press Your Luck' To Correct Their Looney Tunes Trivia

    On an episode of the popular 1980s game show Press Your Luck, the contestants were asked what famous cartoon character said the phrase "Sufferin' succotash," to which they of course answered Sylvester. The host, however, buzzed them as wrong and gave the answer as Daffy Duck.

    A few segments later, Blanc as Sylvester called in to set things straight. Of course, a few other Looney Tunes also got on the call to say hello.

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  • Photo: 'Rabbit Fire' from Elmer Fudd / Warner Bros.

    He Performed All The Major 'Looney Tunes' Characters Except Elmer Fudd, But Eventually Took On That One Too

    In the Warner Bros. theatrical shorts, Blanc voiced nearly all the major characters. He was Bugs Bunny, Pepé LePew, Sylvester, Tweety, Daffy Duck, and the Porky Pig voice that everyone remembers. The only main character he didn't voice was Elmer Fudd. However, when Elmer's original voice actor, Arthur Q. Bryan, passed away in 1959, Blanc stepped up to the plate. 

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