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Facts We Just Learned About Mummies That Made Us Say ‘Whoa’

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The practice of mummification is most often associated with ancient Egypt, but many cultures around the world have used both natural and artificial mummification techniques. You may already be aware of that mummy fact, but did you know that mummies have been used for a variety of purposes that have absolutely nothing to do with religious rituals?

During the Renaissance, Europeans used powdered mummy parts in both their paints and their medicines. In the United States, the mummy of an outlaw was used as a prop for amusement parks! Check out the wildest facts about mummies below, as shared by people on Reddit.

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    The Mummy Of Lady Dai Is So Well Preserved That Scientists Know Her Blood Type

    From Redditor u/OldManDing6:

    TIL: Lady Dai, death in 163 BC, considered the best preserved mummy in the world. Upon discovery she still had moist, soft skin, movable limbs, intact organs and veins with still small amounts of type A blood in them, distinct finger prints and more!


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    A CT Scan Of A 1,000-Year-Old Chinese Statue Revealed A Mummified Buddhist Monk Inside

    From Redditor u/OyVeyzMeir:

    TIL a Buddha statue was found to contain a mummified monk. At the time, such monks believed "self-mummification" was the path to enlightenment and reverence. Monks would starve themselves for a decade, be sealed inside a statue, and subsist on a minimal diet until death.


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    Some Buddhists Monks Underwent A Rigorous Three-Year Self-Mummification Process

    From Redditor u/Pakse118:

    TIL Japanese monks mummified themselves while still alive. The practice required the mummifying monk to eat only nuts, buds, and roots for at least three years. When death was near his disciples would put him into a box at the bottom of pit, pack charcoal around the box and bury their master alive.


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    The Oldest Mummy In The World Is Around 9,000 Years Old

    From Redditor u/Nimja_:

    TIL The oldest naturally preserved mummy is from around 7020 BC - It's over 9000! Years ago