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14 Things We Learned About Nicolas Cage That Made Us Freak Out

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Nicolas Cage has an undeniable on-screen presence - one that surprises and entertains regardless of the role. As an action star, a romantic lead, and an award-winning dramatic actor, Nicolas Cage doesn't disappoint. The same can be said for facts about Nicolas Cage's life off screen.

Cage has lived some truly incredible experiences, some of which even sound too outlandish to be part of a movie - much less real. Stories about stolen fossils, naked intruders, and haunted houses are just a few of the things about Nic Cage that are as unique as he is.

Check out these Nicolas Cage facts that deserve a frenzied freak-out à la the man himself. 

  • Photo: Georges Biard / Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY-SA 3.0

    He Helped Johnny Depp Break Into Acting

    Nicolas Cage and Johnny Depp were friends and, during a casual game of Monopoly, Cage told Depp he should try acting. Cage told The New York Times in 2019 that Depp was initially dismissive of the suggestion, insisting he couldn't act and that he was a musician.

    Cage persisted, and had Depp meet with his agent. Depp was cast in A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) soon after. 

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    Cage Sold A Rare 'Superman' Comic For More Than $2 Million

    Nicolas Cage once owned the Holy Grail of comic books: Action Comics No. 1. Released in 1938, it featured the first appearance of Superman and was purchased by the actor in 1997

    In 2000, the comic book was stolen from Cage, alongside others, only to be discovered in a storage locker in 2011. When it was found, Cage deemed it "divine providence," and hoped "the heirloom will be returned to my family."

    Soon after getting the comic book back, however, Cage sold it at auction. The book garnered nearly $2.2 million - the highest price ever paid for a comic book (at the time) - money he may have applied to his massive tax debt.

    In 2012, it was reported Cage owed $14 million to the IRS.

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    He Owns A Pyramid-Shaped Tomb In New Orleans

    Cage's tomb is located in St. Louis Cemetery in New Orleans' French Quarter, ready for him to be placed inside when the time comes. The empty tomb sits among the tombs of such notable figures as Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau, and can only be seen while on a licensed tour offered by the New Orleans Catholic Church. 

    It's not clear what Cage paid for the nine-foot-high pyramid tomb when he purchased it in 2010 (one report claims $40,000) but the inscription on the front reads omnia ab uno - Latin for "everything from one." 

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    He's Reportedly One Of The Few People To See Graceland's Restricted Areas

    While married to Lisa Marie Presley, the daughter of Elvis Presley, Cage was said to have been treated to seeing part of the late musician's home no one outside of the family is allowed to visit: the second floor.

    Cage was supposedly given access to the private area of Graceland Mansion, located in Memphis, TN, where Elvis lived - and perished, reportedly on the toilet.

    As an avid Elvis fan, Cage had to deny rumors that he married Lisa Marie simply for her connection to the King. In an interview with Barbara Walters, Cage insisted he met Presley by chance, was instantly "thunderstruck," and "saw Lisa" rather than Elvis's daughter. 

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