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Presidential Artifacts That Made Us Say ‘Whoa’

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It's easy to forget that historical US presidents are anything more than names in history books and pictures on money. After all, so many of them have been elevated to near-mythical status – for better or worse – and in school, you only really ever learn about them in the context of what they did, not who they were. But nothing is so telling about a historical figure's personality as what they keep on their desk or in their home, or even on themselves.

There are plenty of presidential artifacts out and about, ranging from the mundane – like glasses and china – to completely out of left field, like the ever-surprising coconut from among JFK's artifacts. Regardless of what managed to survive to the present day, it's always a treat seeing items touched by history. And it's even more of a treat seeing the downright weird stuff that's hung out in the president's house.