Facts About Princess Diana We Just Learned That Made Us Say 'Really?'

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Lady Diana Spencer, Princess of Wales, the "people's princess," has long been missed since her sudden passing in 1997. But before her fatal accident, Princess Diana was known for her respect, thoughtfulness, sincerity, and for ultimately being relatable to the general public. Aside from her ability to woo the people, she was also well-known for her political and professional accomplishments. Her advocacy and support proved critical to her overall approval while a part of the royal family, even if her relationship wasn't as picture-perfect as they had wished.

Despite having the limelight on her constantly, there are still some Princess Diana facts that are lesser-known. 


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    She Was A Patron Of Over 100 Charities

    From Redditor u/PocColino:

    TIL: Princess Diana was a member and patron for more than 100 charities, many of which are now supported by her two sons, Prince William and Prince Harry.

    Context: At one point, Princess Diana was in fact a partron for more than 100 charities. Included in her charity focuses were HIV and AIDS, landmines, homelessness and poverty, cancer, leprosy, and even the ballet. Whether it was visiting hospitals or schools, or simply speaking to the people about various ailments or concerns, Princess Di was constantly looking to help others. 

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    She Vacationed At Disney World With Her Kids Like Everyone Else

    From a former Redditor:

    TIL When Princess Diana went to Disneyland she made her sons Harry and William wait in line just like everyone else.

    Context: Many sources claim that Princess Diana and her two young kids William and Harry stood in line like everyone else when they went to Walt Disney World in 1993. That very well may be true, but what we know for certain is that the family took the vacation and had a blast riding the rides, seeing the shows, and just walking around. To stay, they rented out the entire fifth floor of Disney's Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, and they were escorted through the park, potentially even using the underground tunnels from time to time. Regardless of the normalcy of their trip, it was quite out of character for royals to visit theme parks like Disney World.

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    Princess Diana's Funeral Broke Royal Protocol

    From Redditor u/Superfluity10k:

    TIL that after Princess Diana's death Prince Charles overruled palace protocol and held a royal funeral for Diana despite her not being part of the royal family at the time.

    Context: After the people's princess passed, there was seemingly a rift between the people and the queen. Furthermore, Diana's ex-husband Prince Charles feared they would be blamed for her early departure and wanted to do everything the royal family could to honor Diana, the mother of his children. The royal family actually broke protocol in four different ways after Princess Diana passed: The Union Jack flag was flown - at half-mast - at Buckingham Palace for the first time in history, Diana's body was transported on a royal flight despite being stripped of her title, her coffin was draped in the Royal Standard flag - again, even though she was no longer an actual part of the royal family, and finally she was given a full royal funeral likely in an attempt to appease the public.

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    She Didn't Hesitate To Shake The Hands Of Someone With AIDS

    From Redditor u/_Alvin_Row_:

    TIL Princess Diana, on live TV, shook the hand of an AIDS patient without wearing gloves, challenging the belief that AIDS could be passed via contact. The act was seen as a huge moment for those suffering with the disease.

    Context: Before much was known about AIDS, people were terrified of the disease. Not quite sure just how it spread, most were terrified to even touch those afflicted - but not Princess Diana. On live television, to bring awareness to the new ward dedicated specifically to AIDS treatment, she shook the hand of someone - without a glove - who knowingly suffered from the disease. In doing so, she showed compassion instead of fear.