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Facts We Just Learned About Queen Victoria That Made Us Say 'Really?'

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Queen Victoria is one of the most prominent English queens in history, and when discussing monarchies in history class, it's unsurprising she would be a point of discussion. She ruled for over 60 years and is the second longest-reigning queen in British history. Much of that time spent ruling was solo as well due to her husband's unexpected passing. And while all of this is pretty well-known, there's so much more to her and her reign than we were taught in school.

Some of the wildest "Today I learned" Queen Victoria facts come down to her family and friends, as well as some of the totally bizarre things she dealt with throughout her life like all of the attempts on her life. But which of these TIL facts are you most excited to learn?

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    She Had A Living Grandchild Until 1981

    From Redditor u/house_of_ghosts

    TIL that the first grandchild of Queen Victoria [passed] in 1866 and the last [lived until] 1981.

    Context: Princess Alice, Countess of Athlone was the daughter of Queen Victoria's youngest son, Leopold. She was the last surviving grandchild of Queen Victoria. She passed in her home in London on Jan. 4, 1981.

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    She Was Prescribed Cannabis For Cramps

    From a former Redditor:

    TIL Queen Victoria was prescribed cannabis for her menstrual cramps

    Context: Cannabis was prescribed by her doctor to help alleviate the pain she was feeling during her menstrual cycle. Shortly after, the syringe and aspirin were invented, which drastically reduced the amount of cannabis being used for medicinal purposes. 

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    Her Indian Servant Was One Of Her Closest Friends

    From Redditor u/mangjoze:

    TIL: Queen Victoria had a platonic relationship with her Indian servant (Abdul Karim) and promoted him as her "Munshi" (teacher). He became her closest confidant and due to the attention and benefits he got from the Queen, he had conflict with almost everyone in the Royal Household.

    Context: Victoria did have a very close relationship with her Indian confidant, Abdul Karim. He was invited to sit at her table, go with her to special events, and was given gifts and honors as well. Because he was treated so well, the people in the Queen's court despised him. It's suspected that the reason he was so well-received by Victoria is because he approached her with an innocence she didn't get from anyone else. 

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    A Woman Still Alive Today Would Have Been Queen If Not For A Technicality

    From Redditor u/nokia621

    TIL in 2011, it was discovered that a 25-year-old German woman who works for an online furniture company is a direct descendant of Queen Victoria and could have been Queen of England if it wasn't for a technicality that has now been fixed.

    Context: Friederike Thyra Marion Wilhelmine Dorothea von der Osten is a direct descendent of Queen Victoria, and should have in fact succeeded the throne. She is Victoria's great-great-great-great-granddaughter. She states now that she doesn't believe the English would accept her as queen even if she was offered it because she's German raised. 

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