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Facts We Just Learned About Steve Martin That Made Us Say 'Really?'

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Most people know the name Steve Martin, especially if you have ever watched any of his comedies from the '80s and '90s. However, did you know that Martin’s real name is Stephen Glenn Martin and that he is more than just an actor? He also happens to be a comedian, playwright, musician, and producer. Martin has continued to bring joy and laughter to many people globally during his lengthy and distinguished career. With such an influential presence in Hollywood, it’s surprising that there are many facts about him that we don’t know.

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  • Photo: Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour / CBS

    He Wrote For ‘The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour’ While He Was A College Student - And Won An Emmy For It

    Martin attended Long Beach State College in California where he majored in philosophy before transferring to UCLA to major in theater. In 1967, while he was still a student, Martin was already displaying his comedic talents. Martin, a student at the time, was commissioned by The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour and signed a contract to write content for them. His comedic content was so well received that in 1969 he won an Emmy award. This early success placed Martin on the path to success, and over the next few years, he began writing for other comedy shows such as The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour.

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    For A Time, He Handed Out Pre-Signed Cards When Fans Asked Him For An Autograph

    It’s no secret that many celebrities are often too busy to sign fan autographs despite how much they might want to. Martin was once incredibly overwhelmed with autograph requests that he came up with his own comedic solution: he had pre-signed autograph cards specially made, and he would hand these out to fans whenever they asked him for his autograph. However, this gimmick wasn’t as well-received as he had hoped. After only six months of handing out these pre-signed cards, he abandoned the idea. When asked about why he stopped, Martin stated:

    I realized that when people ask for an autograph, what they really kind of want is a little encounter; to find out what you’re really like in 30 seconds.

  • Photo: Three Amigos / Orion Pictures

    He Suffers From Tinnitus That Was Caused By A Scene In ‘Three Amigos’

    Interestingly, more than 50 million people in the United States suffer from tinnitus - a ringing of the ears - and amongst these people, there are presidents, musicians, and actors. Martin began suffering from this affliction during the production of one of his most well-known films, Three Amigos. While filming was underway in 1986, Martin was exposed to a gunfight scene which led to the ringing in his ears.

    As many are aware, this condition can be incredibly debilitating, but when Martin was once asked about his experience with the condition, he stated, "You get used to it." His dedication to his craft allows him to continuously push past this roadblock and continue to make media that people love.

  • Photo: Father of the Bride / Buena Vista Pictures

    He And His Wife Surprised Party Guests With A Spontaneous Wedding Ceremony

    Most people have heard of a surprise birthday party, but not many have ever had the privilege of attending a surprise wedding. In 2007, Martin and his wife Anne Springfield managed to pull off this feat when the pair hosted a party with a star-studded guest list. 

    Unsurprisingly, it was reported that everyone was left incredibly shocked when the couple walked out in wedding clothes. After the initial shock wore off, it’s believed the pair had a spectacular wedding. They definitely left an impression in the minds of the reported 75 guests who were in attendance.