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14 Facts We Just Learned About Henry VIII's Reign That Made Us Say 'Really?'

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Though more well known today for his corpulent size and penchant for beheading his wives, King Henry VIII did not start out a monster. In his youth, he was admired for his wit, his good looks, and his athleticism. Unfortunately, time was not kind to the British monarch, and he was even unkinder to his friends and subjects.

You may be familiar with Henry's affair and brief marriage to Anne Boleyn, but were you aware he built a giant toilet that seated nearly 30 people? How about the fact that he didn't want English commoners to read the Bible in their native tongue? Redditors have shared these surprising facts of the reign of Henry VIII and more. Vote up the ones that give you a royal shock.

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    Henry Built A Giant, Two-Story Toilet That Could Seat 28 People

    From Redditor u/where_is_my_monkey:

    TIL King Henry VIII built a giant toilet called the Great House of Easement. It was two stories tall and could seat 28 people at a time.


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    Henry Was Interred In A Temporary Tomb, Where He Remains To This Day

    From Redditor u/OfficialAltEcho:

    TIL King Henry VIII of England was and remains buried in a "temporary vault."


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    Henry May Have Had A Rare Blood Type That Influenced His Health Issues

    From Redditor u/Jojosbees:

    TIL King Henry VIII may have possibly had a rare blood type (Kell positive), which would explain his wives' and mistresses' many miscarriages as well as his midlife physical and mental deterioration.


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    The English Foxhound Was Bred During The Reign Of Henry VIII

    From Redditor u/articulateantagonist:

    TIL English Foxhounds were bred as part of a 16th-century conservation effort during King Henry VIII's reign. Because deer populations were depleting, partially due to nobles hunting them for sport, the fox was chosen as a new prey. Foxhounds were a blend of Greyhound, Fox Terrier, and Bulldog.


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