The 17 Most Wholesome Anime Characters Of All Time

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When the world is getting you down, sometimes there's nothing more appealing than wholesome anime characters. Watching genuinely kind, inspiring, and adorable characters do their thing is a wonderful way to lift a bad mood, or give yourself the warm fuzzies. 

These uplifting characters come in many forms. Sometimes they're cute little kids like Tsumugi Inuzuka, who delights Sweetness & Lightning viewers by acting like a realistic small child. Sometimes they're a group of musclebound teenage boys who want to help their classmates get buff too, like the helpful and supportive Body Improvement Club of Mob Psycho 100. These characters might seem wildly different, but the warm feeling you get watching them is much the same. 

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    Maes Hughes Loves His Family In 'Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood'

    Maes Hughes Loves His Family In 'Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood'
    Photo: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood / Studio Bones

    Maes Hughes is to wholesomeness as Naruto is to ninja who wear orange tracksuits. This character loves his wife and daughter so much, and he demonstrates this by constantly showing off pictures of them, and bragging about how great they are to anyone who will listen.

    The unabashed joy he takes in his family makes his character memorable, even though he's only in the series for a short time before his tragic death.

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    The Body Improvement Club Will Help Anyone Get Buff In 'Mob Psycho 100'

    The Body Improvement Club Will Help Anyone Get Buff In 'Mob Psycho 100'
    Photo: Mob Psycho / Studio Bones

    When you think about wholesome people, you may not immediately think about muscular teenage boys who spend all their time working out. But the members of the Body Improvement Club, which operates out of Salt Middle School, are some of the kindest people around.

    Led by the heavily side-burned Musashi Goda, the team completes a rigorous daily exercise that includes a 5 km morning run, squats, and weight-lifting. Despite their obvious physical prowess, they're more than happy to include tiny, out-of-shape Mob Kageyama when he shows interest in improving his fitness. They also recruit Tenga Onigawara, a tough kid whose classmates ostracized him, giving him both a new social group and something to focus on besides causing trouble. 

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    Mumen Rider Takes Heroism Seriously In 'One Punch Man'

    Mumen Rider Takes Heroism Seriously In 'One Punch Man'
    Photo: One Punch Man / Madhouse

    Mumen Rider isn't the most talented hero in the world of One Punch Man, but he's certainly the most earnest. Though he has qualified to move up from a C in the Hero Ranking System to a B, he won't actually take the promotion until he's earned it on his own terms.

    Nevertheless, he'll still go up against villains deemed too powerful for him to handle, because Mumen Rider never gives up, and is always there to help people in need.

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    Ochaco Uraraka Is A Model Hero In 'My Hero Academia'

    Ochaco Uraraka Is A Model Hero In 'My Hero Academia'
    Photo: My Hero Academia / Bones

    Most of the kids at U.A. High School are pretty darn wholesome, but Ochaco Uraraka practically defines the term. Her crush on Midoriya is ridiculously adorable, as is her superpower itself, which is the ability to make objects float. But the best thing about Ochaco is her drive to make sacrifices to help others.

    Whether it's dedicating herself to earning money to help out her impoverished parents, or trying to give away points in a competition that she thought someone else deserved more, Ochaco is a model hero. 

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    Tohru Honda Lifts Up Others In 'Fruits Basket'

    Tohru Honda Lifts Up Others In 'Fruits Basket'
    Photo: Fruits Basket / TMS Entertainment

    Tohru Honda is one of the sweetest, kindest people in anime history. Her primary goal in life is to make sure her loved ones are happy, confident, and well cared for. She's a deeply empathetic person who finds the good in even the most challenging of personalities. In the final episode, she even tries to understand Akito and talk him through his problems - while he's actively attacking her.

    Her fatal flaw is that she often forgets to award herself the same compassion she bestows upon others. Some of the sweetest moments in Fruits Basket come when Yuki or Kyo step in and remind her to fulfill her own needs as well. 

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  • Hinata Hyuga Is Doing Her Best In 'Naruto'
    Photo: Naruto / Studio Pierrot

    Initially seen as one of the weaker members of her cohort, Hinata Hyuuga learns to be a competent ninja. She does this through a combination of determination and courage. Hinata fell in love with Naruto Uzumaki after realizing how much she admired him, and how much his presence encouraged her to improve herself.

    She's shy and lacks confidence, so she doesn't realize that she's also an inspiration to others, especially her younger sister Hanabi and her cousin Neji. Hinata is trying her best in a difficult world, and it's hard not to love her for it. Oh, and she has one other surprisingly adorable trait - viewers of Boruto know that she can easily best Naruto Uzumaki in a ramen eating contest. 

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