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11 Wholesome Fan Theories That Brightened Up The ATLA Universe

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Creative fans have now made the rich ATLA universe even more wholesome with their fan theories. Here are some of our favorites; vote up the ones that make you smile!

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    Lu Ten Was Iroh's Moral Compass

    Photo: Avatar: The Last Airbender / Nickelodeon

    From Tumblr user silver-tangent

    I’ve always liked the idea that Iroh was ALWAYS a good person, and that most of the bad things he did before the show he was reluctant to do… it’s always been my headcanon that Iroh was morally conflicted from the beginning… but I just thought of a new headcanon: Prince Lu Ten was Iroh’s moral compass.

    This is inspired by that post I saw (I think on Tublr) theorizing that Lu Ten was with Iroh when he met the sun warriors, because the dragon dance takes two people.

    Initially I always assumed Iroh, without hesitation, went there on his own, and decided not to [eliminate] the last dragon. I also thought Iroh never agreed with the war but was just biding his time until he became fire lord…

    But what if Lu Ten was the moral compassionate one. Lu Ten was a sweet innocent boy who loved his father. Iroh loved Lu Ten.  Rather than punish Lu Ten’s goodness, Iroh nurtured it. If he had disagreements he would humor his son because it was his son.

    What if Lu Ten was the one to have doubts about the war? He saw beauty in everything. HE convinced Iroh not to [eliminate] the last dragons, and keep it a secret, and Iroh did it for his son.

    This was a turning point. They learned real fire bending, from the masters, not using rage. Iroh became a very powerful warrior, and well he was likely already compassionate but now even more so.

    Lu Ten went with him to Ba Sing Se. What if that comment about Iroh “going soft after his son [passed]” had more truth to it than just grief?

    Lu Ten fell in love with Ba Sing Se, the same way he fell in love with the dragons. He began trying to convince his father not to destroy the city. Iroh didn’t punish him or rat him out but they argued in private.

    Lu Ten didn’t [pass] because he was young and brash… something happened. He got caught as a sympathizer, or things went bad when he tried to change Iroh’s mind- whether fire bender or earth bender. Lu Ten [passed] saving Iroh, and as he was dying he begged his father one last time, “Forgive them…”

    Iroh didn’t pack up because of grief. He ended the siege because it was his son’s dying wish. The pacifistic, forgiving, wise Iroh we see is a man trying to honor his son’s memory- all of that, maybe even the tea- that was Lu Ten.

    Iroh couldn’t save him because he didn’t take the time to understand and help him. And that’s why he’s always helping everyone. That's why he always listens.

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    The Real Meaning Behind The Beifong Family Seal

    Photo: Avatar: The Last Airbender / Nickelodeon

    From Tumblr user sineaden

    Does anyone know the reason the Beifong family symbol is a flying boar? 

    Not sure what the actual reason is, but I was thinking about it the other day, and I realized that what is a flying boar but a flying pig (duh)? And it made me think of the expression, “when pigs fly” which refers to something that is impossible, right?

    And I just think that’s so fitting for Toph - who literally does what was considered impossible - she invents metalbending!

    Toph’s whole thing is going beyond what the outside world believes she’s capable of, and I just think the flying boar is such an appropriate symbol to represent that. Nothing is impossible to Toph Beifong.

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    Bumi Just Made Himself A King

    Photo: Avatar: The Last Airbender / Nickelodeon

    From Tumblr user phantomrose96

    Hey um what. What godd**n business did Omashu have having a King? Like I never really questioned it since it came from such an early Book One still-world-building episode, but Omashu is a city, for starters, and it’s a city in the Earth Kingdom. Which. You know. HAS a king. 

    You know I bet, honestly, Omashu doesn’t have a king. And NEVER had a king. Omashu had a succession of Governors or some sh*t and on the day that Bumi took the mantle he said “F*ck this ‘Governor Bumi’ stuff that’s lame. Call me King.” and when his advisors said they can’t legally do that Bumi passed a law changing his title from Governor to King, stuck a crown on his head, and called it macaroni.

    And the citizens of Omashu were probably just like “alright” cuz like Bumi strikes me as the kind of Local Town Eccentric who has a working personal relationship with pretty much everyone so all 100,000 people of Omashu heard this decree of Kingship and went “yeah that tracks” and got on with their day.

    Outside of Omashu though? Good god. That’s gotta be a f*cking look. At this point 112-year-old Bumi has been ‘King’ for a lifetime longer than the actual Earth King. What a look. How much sleep do you think Long Feng loses about this??? How many [attempts at his life] do you think he tried to carry out, only to have the Dai Lee come crawling home with the imprint of Bumi’s face smashed into their armor and some rock candy stuffed into their socks?

    Ba Sing Se adores its appearance of order and structure and hierarchy and I cannot even begin to imagine their Daily Hell of dealing with Omashu’s centenarian feast-loving candy-munching batsh*t unhinged and utterly unkillable pseudo-King. 

    The Fire Nation taking over Omashu was probably the happiest godd**n day of Long Feng’s life.   

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    Iroh Kept His Tabs On Aang

    Photo: Avatar: The Last Airbender / Nickelodeon

    From Redditor u/bran8165

    Iroh knew where Aang was THE ENTIRE TIME.

    In The Last Airbender, Zuko's uncle knew where Aang was THE ENTIRE TIME. Even though Aang randomly traveled in the first season,Iroh always somehow KNEW where Aang was. HOW? The Spirit World. When Aang dreamed about a storm coming, Iroh also told Zuko the same thing. Aang knew cause of Avatar sh*t but how did Iroh know? It would explain why he was always trying to calm Zuko down. And he never caught Aang because after blowing up an entire city, Iroh wanted to end the war from the inside. Next time you watch, watch how he plays chess at the beginning and end of ALOT of episodes. He controlled EVERYTHING from the jump yo.