Heart Wrenching MCU Moments That Are Like A Punch To The Gut

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe is second to none when it comes to superhero movies. The behemoth studio has mastered the action adventure story arc and has given new life to what the genre could be. They also have a knack for creating truly hilarious moments. But, one aspect that Marvel doesn't get enough credit for is the emotional undertones that drive their stories. Whenever we watch a Marvel movie what takes us most by surprise isn't the epic fight scenes or plot twists, it's the heart wrenching moments when the characters let their well armored guards down. Some scenes are so intense we've on occasion lost our cool and began sobbing softly into our popcorn as a horrified twelve-year-old looks on wondering why the adult next to them can't keep it together. But that's a story for another time. These are the most wholesome and heartbreaking moments in the MCU.