People Are Sharing The Heartwarming Things Their Neighbors Have Done For Them And It's Too Wholesome

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From getting a car out of the snow to making care packages for those in need, here are some of the most wholesome things we've seen neighbors do for each other that put a smile on our faces. Enjoy!

Photo: Reddit / Twitter

  • 1. Adorable

    Photo: u/KevlarYarmulke / Reddit
    195 votes
  • 2. Should Be A Staple

    Should Be A Staple
    Photo: u/IncandescentlyHappy / Reddit
    186 votes
  • 3. Kindness Goes A Long Way

    Kindness Goes A Long Way
    Photo: u/Evil_Plankton/ / Reddit
    154 votes
  • 4. Rocky's Home

    Rocky's Home
    Photo: u/R-code/ / Reddit
    133 votes
  • 5. Amazing

    Photo: u/regian24 / Reddit
    228 votes
  • 6. Looking Out

    Looking Out
    Photo: Twitter / Reddit
    209 votes