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Wholesome Steve Irwin Memes That Prove He Was Too Good For This World

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On September 4, 2006, the world lost Steve Irwin, AKA the Crocodile Hunter. The Australian TV host and conservationist won over hearts across the globe with his infectious enthusiasm for some of the most terrifying animals on the planet, and he taught a generation of '90s kids how to appreciate nature and all of its inhabitants. 

Looking back at Steve Irwin and his career, it is easy to see how he became a global phenonmenon. The Crocodile Hunter was patient and kind, and we were lucky to get a glimpse inside his world for as long as we did.

To commemorate the man who gave us the exclamation "Crikey!" and taught us things about the wild we never learned in school, here are some wholesome Steve Irwin memes. 

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    He Was One Of The Greats

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    He Made Everyone Feel Beautiful

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    He Deserves His Own Statue

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    He Knew What Was Up

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