14 Reasons "A Goofy Movie" Is The Best Disney Cartoon Of All Time 

Brandon Michaels
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It's the last day of school before summer break. You're a teenager, and this is your last chance to impress your crush. So, naturally, you and your friends hijack the A/V gear, and perform the hottest pop song in front of the entire school, in full costume. As you're soaring through the air you lock eyes with your crush. You fly towards her, arms stretched out. But just before you reach her the music stops, the lights come on, and reality kicks in. Just another day at school, right?

As you've probably noticed, that's actually a scene from Disney's A Goofy Movie. This animated feature was released in 1995 as the full-length continuation of the Goof Troop television series, and followed the adventures of Goofy and his son Max as they traveled across the country on a summer roadtrip. Sounds like your typical Disney movie, right? But Disney's A Goofy Movie is awesome because it's anything but typical. There's no princess to be saved or villain to be fought. Instead, the movie focuses on a father and son arguing, bonding, and generally goofing around on vacation.

The bottom line is that A Goofy Movie is the best Disney Cartoon. Need proof? Here are just a few of the reasons why A Goofy Movie is great.

The Soundtrack Was Amazing
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A Goofy Movie Original Soundtrack featured all of the music from the film, including both of Powerline's songs "I2I" and "Stand Out," written and performed by Tevin Campbell. Besides those catchy pop tunes, the album also included the more traditional Disney-style musical numbers "On The Open Road," "Nobody Else But You," and "After Today." Admit it: you know all the words by heart.

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It Explores Father/Son Relationships
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A Goofy Movie touched on the difficulties of the father/son relationship. Max and Goofy don't get along for most of the movie, and Max has trouble opening up to his dad. But he could always show him he cared thanks to alphabet soup - he'd spell out "HI DAD" with the noodle letters. It's a heartwarming motif that acknowledges just how complicated things can get between parents and kids.

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Goofy Is A Single Dad
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Goofy is a single dad, trying his hardest, and making it work as best he can. It's a modern parenting scenario that Disney hadn't previously addressed, and they play it for both humor (a towel-clad Goofy barges into Max's room to vacuum) and drama (Goofy worries that Max is growing apart from him).

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It's About Being OK With Who You Really Are
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A Goofy Movie is about a teenager who's self-conscious, embarrassed by his parents, and worried his crush thinks he's lame - in other words, a relatable character. Max shows viewers that it's okay to do things that scare you and accept your innate goofiness. Once he accepted who he really is, he had a blast on his summer vacation bonding with his dad, went to an awesome concert, and got the girl.

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