WATCH Ever Wonder Why Airplane Windows Have Small Holes? They're More Important Than You Think  

Mick Jacobs

Airplane aerodynamics involve all sorts of formulas and design choices that leave the casual passenger in the dark on many things, like how this hunk of metal gets off the ground or why leg-space seems to decrease every time you fly. In the video below however, one design question finally gets answered for all the uneducated plebeian passengers: why do plane windows have holes?

As it turns out, that tiny hole actually plays a huge part in your own safety. The hole, located in the center of the window, helps air pressure flow from the cabin into the atmosphere and vice versa.

By doing so, the holes actually help maintain a balance in air pressure between the cabin and the sky. 

Watch the video below to get an idea of just how helpful these holes are. Now, the next time you find yourself traveling skyward, you will know a little more about the tools and designs responsible for getting you to your destination.