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American Dad! Is A Way Better Show Than Family Guy, And Here's Why

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American Dad! vs Family Guy: which is better?” It's a debate that's frankly not held enough. Many have preconceptions about American Dad! couched in their established bias towards Family Guy, and thus won’t even entertain the question. Well, it’s time to cast off that prejudice. Today, we're going to learn why American Dad! is the best.

Most people recognize that each show has its star: Roger and Stewie, respectively. But too often, the rest of the casts are ignored. Peter has grown into a funny character over time, but there really aren’t any other characters on Family Guy who carry much weight. That is most definitely not the case on American Dad!. There are few (if any) lame characters on the show. Roger alone offers more funny personas than the entire cast of Family Guy.

That’s but a taste of what’s to come. Let’s take a News Glance with Genevieve Vavance at the reasons American Dad! is better than Family Guy.

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    It's Grounded In Character Relationships

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    In addition to boasting superior, funnier character interplay, American Dad! also has a deeper driving force than Family Guy: the characters' relationships. Stan's fraught relationship with and alienation from his kids (and his shortcomings as a husband) give the show more depth. The character relationships matter.

    Not ony that, but they often drive the narrative. Sure, this happens with Brian and Stewie, but those episodes are less organic. They just exist to exist. There really isn't another meaningful dynamic between characters in the show. American Dad! has plenty. And without Stan's disapproval of Steve, we wouldn't have Stelio Kontos or his badass theme song. That would be a tragedy beyond measure.

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    American Dad! Isn't Afraid To Take Risks With Fantastic Stories

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    Okay, so Family Guy doesn't necessarily limit itself to realism: Stewie has driven a car, Peter's head has exploded a number of times, and Brian is a talking dog. But American Dad! has more science fction elements, with alien abductions, body swapping, clone storylines, and a whole lot more.

    This makes for a broader range of storytelling. Sure, Peter has preposterous fights with a giant chicken, but there's never a story arc built around that (also, please don't do that Family Guy, that sounds awful). There are full episodes of American Dad! that take place in space, or that revolve around Stan using secret CIA technology to control a female teenage android and take his son to prom. It's less restricted in what it can do, and that keeps it fresh, even after all these years. 

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    There Are Really No Bad Character Pairings

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    When you think of memorable character pairings in Family Guy, you probably go immediately to Brian and Stewie, and that's it. In American Dad!, however, there are many examples of dynamic interaction between two characters: Steve and Roger, Francine and Roger, Stan and Roger, Stan and Francine, Haley and Steve, Stan and Jeff, all of them are fascinating to watch (except Klaus, everyone knows he's pointless).

    There are innumerable instances in which the characters in American Dad! have paired off with uproarious results, but the same can't be said for Family Guy

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    The Peripheral Humor Is Top Notch

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    In Family Guy, the humor flows almost exclusively from cheap cutaway gags that have nothing to do with the plot, or the characters on the show. In American Dad!, the world is more robust, allowing for great humor from external sources.

    Whether it's the insane Principal Lewis yelling, "Oh sh*t!" as he witnesses a kid get eaten by a werewolf janitor, or a child reporter in his innocent voice proclaiming, "I stepped on a eye," the ancillary humor is just gold. It never misses the mark, and the same cannot be said for Family Guy.

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