Total Nerd It's Time To Stop Making Fun Of Aquaman. He's Awesome.  

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Look, all of you nerds have made Aquaman jokes in the past. We've all laughed at the Robot Chicken skits about Aquaman. Hell, there's even a Ranker list of Aquaman jokes. Aquaman, AKA Arthur Curry, is one of the most ridiculed superheroes of all time. Yet, the critics are wrong.

Aquaman is great. More to the point, he's one of the most badass heroes in all of DC Comics. If all you heard about Aquaman are fish jokes and the Aquaman movie coming out, then you don't know Arthur Curry. Here's why Aquaman deserves more respect and is one of the best heroes out there today.

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He Is Connected To "The Blue"

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In the DC Universe, many elements and life forms of Earth are united and divided by various forces. Each of these forces elects an avatar to do their will and keep the world in balance. Swamp Thing, for example, is the avatar of The Green, which encompasses all plant life. Animal Man is an avatar of The Red, the force behind all animal life. Aquaman was elected to be the keeper of The Blue or "The Clear," which connects all oceanic elements and life. In other words, Arthur isn't just "King of the Sea"; he's a Demi-God of the sea.

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He's An Aquatic Sorcerer

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Aquaman isn't just a rugged powerhouse. He has the ability to produce some Gandalf-level sorcery. Either through his Trident of Neptune or his blessings from the Lady of the Lake, Arthur can conjure up a number of different magic spells which include summoning lightning, opening portals, and even raising people from the dead. In short, Aquaman is both a physical and magical threat to anyone who stands in his way.

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He Doesn't TALK To Fish; He COMMANDS Aquatic Life

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Stop saying Aquaman "talks to fish." He doesn't. He telepathically makes fish to do his will. Aquaman can make octopi grab things, swordfish charge at enemies, or make a fleet of Great White sharks turn foes into chum. He can even control the primitive minds of plankton and other microscopic organisms from the sea and make them infiltrate the bodies of his opposition. If you're on his bad side, you can never safely set foot in an ocean, lake, pond, or puddle ever again.

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He Sacrificed His Hand To Save His Son

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In the Justice League animated series, Aquaman is depicted as an anti-social yet honorable ruler that is suspicious of surface dwellers. He's a bit more hot tempered and ornery than he is in most comic books. Despite acting like a jerk, Arthur showed that he would do what it takes to protect his own by severing his own hand to save his infant son from death. Say what you want, the cartoon version of Arthur may be depicted as a d*ck, but he's still a damn good dad.

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