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Why Do All New Video Games Cost Exactly $59.99?

Some things in life are inevitable: death, taxes, and $60 video games. But why do new video games cost $60 — a price that has remained fixed for over a decade — when pretty much everything else has gotten increasingly more expensive? What was the first $60 video game, and what did it do to set the precedent that all new games now follow? 

If one were to ask game developers these questions, they'd probably explain why video games cost so much to make. Today, a $60 price tag is rarely enough to allow game devs to recoup costs, which explains why even total flops feature additional DLC packs for sale. Not every game can be like Tetriswhich was made for free, and the people who create your favorite titles need to be paid. 

Even so, this sort of stagnant pricing doesn't appear anywhere else in the entertainment industry. Movie ticket costs vary by theater, time, and location. Books can have radically different prices, as can seasons of TV shows. The fixed $60 price point for new games is an anomaly, and it's bad for basically all parties.