9 Reasons Arrow Is Going Seriously Downhill

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The CW's Arrow was a cultural phenomenon when it burst onto the scene in 2012. It was the first comic book property to translate that Dark Knight, DC Comics grittiness to the small screen; it didn't hurt that the chiseled and brooding Stephen Amell was the face of it. Men and women, boys and girls, cats and dogs all flocked to it. And in its first couple seasons, there was real drama, real poignancy. 

Alas, the poignancy has faded into that darkness Oliver keeps yammering on about. Arrow has become stale. The network, showrunners, and writers have tried different tactics in the last few seasons to breathe new life into the show, but most have ironically missed the mark. Get it? Because Oliver never misses his mark? Whatever. Just read through these critiques of Arrow's current state and vote up those you agree with. If you're ready to move on to something new, maybe you'll find that magic again with our list of shows like Arrow.