7 Disgusting Facts About Ball Pits That Will Ruin Your Childhood

One would assume a ball pit provides a safe, enclosed space for kids to jump around and have a blast throwing, crawling, and burning all their energy in a sea full of balls. The reality, however, is that there are more germs in ball pits than there are on a toilet seat. While there are more dangerous ways for kids to have fun, ball pits are filthy health hazards that should come with a serious health warning attached. 

When it comes to gross ball pits, location is everything. With ball pits set up at home or those newly fashionable adult ball pits, it is much easier to keep things sanitary. Fast food chains and places where kid birthday parties take place, like Chuck E. Cheese, are a completely different story, however. In public ball pits, you can expect that your kids will encounter everything from squashed cheeseburgers to used condoms in the ball pit.

If you ever had questions about what lurks at the bottom of a ball pit, then get ready to dive in to these disgusting facts about kids ball pits. Once you learn about why ball pits are gross, you may just find yourself building one in your own backyard.