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16 Reasons Why Batman Beyond Is Actually the Best Take on Batman

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Batman is arguably the best superhero of all time, and he's been shown in too many genres and styles to name over his many years on page and on screen. Cyberpunk is a beloved sub-genre of science fiction, which blends the future with the past in very creative ways. So what do you get when you mix the two? Batman Beyond, the best iteration of Batman that exists. Not only do you get two different people as Batman, an older Bruce Wayne and his protégé Terry McGinnis, but you get to see them learn to work as a team while they take on new and old villains, alike.

Even the most jaded Batman fans will find themselves surprised by this series. The new gadgets are amazing, the new Batsuit is stylish and cool, and its twists on the classic Batman tropes are incredibly clever. So, if you like your Batman minimalist, focused, and ready to dispense justice, Batman Beyond is the best version of Batman you'll find. For every Blade Runner, Shadowrun, and Minority Report fan out there... Batman Beyond is the best Batman, the one you always wanted. Keep reading below to see why.

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    The New Batsuit Is a Technological Marvel

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    While the original Batsuit will always be the most classic, the Beyond suit has some really nifty enhancements. Augmented strength, retractable gliding wings, microphones in the fingertips, rocket boots, a batarang dispenser, claws, and a built-in cloaking device give Terry one impressive edge over his enemies. Its stylish minimalism also makes it feel futuristic in a way that blends in with the show's cyberpunk aesthetic. 

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    Terry McGinnis and Bruce Wayne Make the Perfect Odd Couple

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    Bruce Wayne has been operating as Batman for decades. He's as jaded as a person can possibly be, but he's still committed to the cause. Terry McGinnis is new to the crime fighting game and is still full of hope and naiveté, which causes the two to clash constantly. The brilliance of the show is that Terry isn't Bruce, and wouldn't necessarily do what the original Batman would do. He often finds a creative solution that strikes a balance between his own convictions and Bruce's years of experience. 

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    Old Man Bruce Wayne Is the Best Bruce Wayne

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    Bruce is reaching his twilight years in Batman Beyond, but that doesn't mean he's someone you can mess with. This is a Bruce who is done throwing up a facade and is pretty much Batman all day every day. He's lost just about everything in his fight against crime, which means he has zero f*cks to give. That makes him a force to be reckoned with. 

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    Ace, "Good Bad Dog"

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    A giant Great Dane named Ace may be Batman's best sidekick ever. Ace is a fiercely loyal and well trained companion who's not only full of personality, but also really useful in combat. Terry brings Ace on more than a few missions, especially when he needs help against splicers, and often says, "good bad dog," when Ace obeys his commands. 

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