Total Nerd Why-batman-villains-are-always-on-the-loose  

Rebecca High

If you watch enough episodes of Batman, or segments of the multiple big-screen franchises, you'll quickly catch on to the fact that the villains always seem to be running amok.This video is a fun spoof that takes on the omniscient villain-on-the-loose plot in Batman stories...and theorizes that the problem may actually lie within those pesky police commissioners himself..

In this spoof, Batman deals with a nepotistic police commissioner while villain Zasz in on the run. As the commissioner attempts to deal with Gotham falling apart at the hands of the criminal, he takes call after call from family members whom he's hired in different city departments and are now incompetently attempting to stave off the villain.

Batman waits impatiently for the commissioner to brief him on the problems, but nepotism has held the whole show up as he deals with all the problems created by filling city administrators with his random family relatives.

By the end of the video, Batman (humorously) finds that partisanship has caused more harm and delay in catching criminals than it's helped.