Using Charcoal On Your Face Is Actually Incredibly Dangerous

As with every Internet fad and beauty hack, some are good, some are bad, and some are flat-out dangerous. One of the latest crazes is for charcoal beauty products, and at first, they seem like a great idea – after all, some ancient cultures used charcoal in their beauty routines. But modern medical knowledge sheds some new light on charcoal exfoliants. There are clear reasons why charcoal finally fell out of favor as a beauty aid.

Is charcoal bad for your skin? In a word, yes. The idea behind charcoal masks is simple: they supposedly "detoxify" your skin, kind of like pore strips. Dab them on, peel them off, and see the icky stuff come off in real time. The end goal is a clear, smooth face. That sounds great in theory, but in practice, charcoal is anything but skin-purifying. If you're still not convinced of the dangers of this trendy beauty aid, keep reading.