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The Bizarre Story Of Cousin Skeeter: The Craziest Piece Of Television Nickelodeon Ever Produced

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Does anybody remember the weird '90s sitcom Cousin Skeeter? It ran on Nickelodeon from '98-2000 and it probably evacuated from your memory the moment it was pulled form the airwaves. That's because it was bonkers. Seriously, Cousin Skeeter was crazy as hell, so much so that your brain probably couldn't process it and had to dump it.

First of all, sitcoms with puppets in general are already placed in a separate loony bin from all others. When only the main character is a puppet, a reality which is never addressed in Cousin Skeeter, that show gets a bin all to itself. 

In this list you'll find a bunch of strange moments in Cousin Skeeter, bizarre Cousin Skeeter episodes, and pretty much everything that's just batsh*t crazy about this wacky ass kids show.

  • No, They Never Acknowledge That Skeeter Is A Literal Puppet

    A pretty reasonable question one should have about this show is "Why is only one character a puppet?" The answer: Because. There is never an explanation for Skeeter's plush epidermis. For that matter, there is never acknowledgement that he's a puppet at all, so maybe everyone who has ever watched that show was in the midst of a psychotic break, and imagined him as such.

  • Skeeter Is Casually Friends With Michael Jordan, Because Why Wouldn't He Be?

    Photo: D. Myles Cullen / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

    It's never explained how or why, but Skeeter is friends with Michael Jordan. In fact, pretty much nothing is explained how or why in this show. He's also friends with Dennis Rodman. Maybe he was on the Bulls roster briefly or something. What are the odds he knows Kim Jong-Un?

  • But Wait, He's Also Friends With Queen Latifah!

    Photo: Anthony Quintano / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY 2.0

    Yeah, in addition to NBA players, Skeeter also has some famous hip-hop friends like Queen Latifah and MC Lyte, the latter of whom actually appeared in an episode because everyone was just dying to get on this show for some reason. At least Skeeter's friendship with MC Lyte is almost explained - he apparently saved her life at some point, though it's not clear how.

  • New Kids On The Planet Also Happened

    What's New Kids on the Planet, you ask? It's a made for TV movie in which Skeeter and the gang get abducted by aliens and go to an alien planet. At the end they have their memories erased by the Men in Black, which hopefully is the explanation for the fact that the incident is never mentioned again in the following season. By the way, the aliens were called Rubber Forehead Aliens because why try?