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The Bizarre Story Of Cousin Skeeter: The Craziest Piece Of Television Nickelodeon Ever Produced

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Does anybody remember the weird '90s sitcom Cousin Skeeter? It ran on Nickelodeon from '98-2000 and it probably evacuated from your memory the moment it was pulled form the airwaves. That's because it was bonkers. Seriously, Cousin Skeeter was crazy as hell, so much so that your brain probably couldn't process it and had to dump it.

First of all, sitcoms with puppets in general are already placed in a separate loony bin from all others. When only the main character is a puppet, a reality which is never addressed in Cousin Skeeter, that show gets a bin all to itself. 

In this list you'll find a bunch of strange moments in Cousin Skeeter, bizarre Cousin Skeeter episodes, and pretty much everything that's just batsh*t crazy about this wacky ass kids show.

  • Skeeter's Nickname Was Almost A Euphemism For Cocaine

    Skeeter's nickname was Sugar Booger. Booger Sugar is a euphemism for cocaine. Is it a coincidence that his nickname is a narcotic synonym in reverse? This might explain why Skeeter could so easily fly into a rage. It feels like one of those things adult writers sneak into kids shows to maintain their sanity. 

  • There's Literally An Episode Called "Sugar Daddy"

    So, this episode actually has a review on IMDb by someone who praised it, saying among other things, that it was a good influence for their children. Just to clarify, this person is arguing that an episode of a children's show named at best for an immoral type of romantic pairing, at worst a euphemism for a pimp, is a good influence for children.

    The episode actually is about parenting and moderating sugar intake, so this IMDb user would have a point if not for the title.

  • And In The Next Episode Skeeter Went All Out In Drag

    So, wacky hijinks like dressing up as a girl to get into some exclusive group is not unique to Cousin Skeeter - it's somewhat of a TV trope. But Skeeter is dolled up to the max with super plumped up lips and heavy makeup. It's a little much. Skeeter dresses up as "Skeesha" to get into an all-girl band called the Candies, and even his uncle is fooled by the disguise, who says, "She's so cute she makes the other girls look like boys."

    One of those girls was Christina Milian. All kinds of wrong.

  • There's A Laugh Track Despite Being Shot In Single Camera

    Like The Office or Modern Family, and many others, Cousin Skeeter is shown in single camera format, meaning the camera moves with the characters, and there is no studio audience like traditional sitcoms have. As there is no studio audience, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense for there to be a large group of people audibly laughing, yet that is indeed the case.

    And the show leans really heavily on the laugh button. In the opening scene of "The Feminine Ms. Skeet," Skeeter takes his cousins arm and says, "Let's walk over here," and the goddamn laugh track plays. Come on.