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15 Reasons Deadpool Actually Kinda Sucks  

Jacob Shelton
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For some reason the '90s saw Deadpool, a sword carrying jock with the sense of humor reminiscent of the Boondock Saints, rise in popularity. Maybe it was all the Mountain Dew comic book audiences were drinking, or maybe it had something to do with all the "x-treme" sports people were doing.

Whatever the reason, the Merc with a Mouth captured the imaginations of readers and hasn’t let it go. Now, as much as Wade Wilson seems like the underdog in the world of comic books, there are actually plenty of reasons Deadpool is overrated. It’s not just that he’s a character that caters to people with tribal armbands and puka shell necklaces (although those are valid complaints). The reasons Deadpool sucks are myriad, and they’re all about to be laid out for you.

In spite of being the personification of an edgy Internet guy, Deadpool is one of the most popular comic book characters around, and it’s depressing. Why should a character whose only real personality trait is "sassiness" be getting so much acclaim? Why do Eisner-winning authors like Gary Duggan want to write for a character who is nothing more than an ammo pack full of Mad Libs? If you’re on the fence about this whole “Deadpool is a garbage fire of a character” thing, then keep reading to find out why Deadpool is the worst. Hint: lots of reasons.  

Chimichangas Are Not Funny
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In Cable & Deadpool Issue #13, Deadpool let the world in on his obsession with the word "chimichanga" and for some reason it became a "thing" with fanboys, Ryan Reynolds, and the even future writers for Deadpool. Is the repetition of the word supposed to be funny because of the all the Cs? Is "C" a funny letter?

Or is is funny because the word isn't something you hear on a regular basis? Is something funnier when you have to parse why its funny? Nope. Which actually proves that the word "chimichanga" was never funny to begin with. 

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His Storylines Are All Over the Place
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Because of the nature of comic books (namely their need to be churned out on a monthly basis) it's important for heroes to experience a variety of storylines where the main character faces new scenarios that help them grow. Additionally, they need to maintain a throughline in their story to keep the character consistent, but the writers of Deadpool seem to actively try and derail Wade's character growth with insipid stories about Deadpool wanting to be a pirate or something stacked right next to Wilson helping Nick Fury defeat the Skrulls.

It's not an ideal way to build a story arc. The argument for this kind of thing is that Deadpool is the one character where these kinds of stories can take place. But when writers begin to juxtapose the wacky and the serious too often, his stories go from dynamic to exhausting to straight-up annoying. 

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Deadpool Is For Dum-Dums Who Think They're Smart
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It cannot be stressed enough that the writers, readers, and viewers of Deadpool believe that they're a part of something that's so intelligent and meta, people who don't like their sassy mercenary superhero just don't get it. This is a lie that fans of pseudo-intellectual garbage have told for years across all forms of media, from Camus, to Swans, and even Terrence Malick.

Nothing is as smart as you think it is, especially a character whose core concept of comedy seems to be predicated on making the audience think he wants to sleep with Spider-Man and Wolverine. Great joke, bro. Hilarious. 

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His Jokes Aren't That Great
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Do you remember the guy you went to school with who labeled himself the class clown? Remember how he wasn't funny in the least? That's Deadpool, a character so full of "snark" and "witty" banter that he makes Xander from Buffy the Vampire look like Louis CK.

The comedy in the comic book varies from writer to writer, but his dialogue never rises above that of a 16-year-old with something to prove. Big surprise that he's such a hit with that demographic. The film adaptation of Deadpool imagines the character as a cracked out version of Bugs Bunny in a red spandex suit, and no one wants to watch that. 

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